Responsibility is the best Motivation


You probably also hate the M word. So let’s make it this way - we can’t motivate people to build our product, so let’s develop an attachment of those people to our product and they would take care of it as much as we are.

We are spending one-third of our lives doing our jobs. It is natural to care about what you are doing. And it is really important to allow people to care about the whole product. People tend to take some area of ownership where they have best expertise and make it their baby. But doing that they stop caring about a whole product which eventually decreases the Motivation.

I believe that proper distribution of responsibility is a key for a successful attachment of a person to a product. To make it happen:

  • responsibility should be shareable

    It is hard to believe but giving out responsibility is really hard. But if you want people to care you should trust them.

  • taking responsibility should be safe

    One who is taking responsibility should be supported by all other team members. The person should feel that he won’t be blamed if he failed. That whole team will step up to help him fix any problems.

  • taking responsibility should be broad

    Any member should be able to commit in any part of the business. Including the business part itself. And areas of responsibility should change over time. One should try many roles and take responsibility of multiple aspects of the project.

  • risks should be minimized with routines and processes (one should feel that they work for him)

    Taking responsibility is also taking a risk and is really stressful. The process should work in the way to minimize risks and stresses over time. Those routines should be meaningful and simple enough to perform. Ideally over time many routines should be automatized.

And the most important thing - failures should be shared, passing through hard times is what makes a true attachment and reliance of a team members.