framework vs microlib architecture


Just recently seems like I understood why holywars between programmers are happening. During revolution I basically saw the same holywar between people that believe that their truth is the only truth. Why even for smart people from both sides it is hard to negotiate for the same vision? I believe that the reason is that they have different values.

We often underestimate how much common values important for us to feel comfortable and productive in a team. We often do not care about having common values while looking for new jobs , we care about salaries more. Agree we make decision of accepting offer based on many factors, shared values as well though we do that unconsciously.

JavaScript community is quite inhomogeneous so you can see all kinds of values there. So far I can distinct two types of people, those who love classical OOP languages with strict and stable structure and patterns and people that love alternative languages that doesn’t have determined patterns and have ‘unexpected’ flexibilities. While talking with first group of people seems like they afraid of chaos and are intolerable for any unpredictability. The second one so bored with structures and solutions that are running away from enterprises like from hell. I know very few people that are ok with both.

So here I am coming to framework vs microlib architecture discourse. Inside JavaScript community itself we have kind of holywar around this topic. Now I feel it doesn’t make sense to participate in this war since final decision is always based on our values and that means that “common sense” that we are appealing to is quite individual.

PS: Main question in any job interview should be around values, always!